The Pearl River Nature Reserve with canoe or kayak (3-14 days)

This is a true wilderness area! You will meet less people than in Sarek National Park.
Lake Karats is long and narrow and stretches approx 25 km from east to west. In the east there is flat areas with small islands and islets. In the west the valley gets more narrow and the lake is lined by small mountains. You find different kinds of forests here. Everything from pine forests to deciduous forests, mountain birch and bare mountains. You have to be careful the wind can come pretty fast and give high waves.
When you paddle in this area you need the map called “Fjällkartan BD11 Tjåmotis”.

Map over lake Karats

Visa The Pearl river nature reserve ( paddling) on a bigger map

From Karats you can lift the canoes/kayaks past the whitewater rapids in Lillselet over to the next lake called Peuraure, which is the same size as Karats lake.
You need to have good outdoor experience to canoe or kayak in this area. There is no marked trails, big parts of the area has no cellphone connection, it’s far away from help and very few people travel here. In this area you can spend everything from a weekend to several weeks by mixing canoeing, hiking, fishing and outdoor life.
For information about fishing regulations and fishing permits read the:
Jokkmokk Fishing Guide.

Map over Peuraure

Visa The Pearl river nature reserve ( paddling) on a bigger map

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2 thoughts on “The Pearl River Nature Reserve with canoe or kayak (3-14 days)

  1. Konstantin Nümann
    Sunday October 21st, 2018 at 07:36 AM

    My girlfriend and me are planning our next summer holidays and we are very interested in canoeing, outdoor and Lappland.
    So we found your website and we would be very happy if you could help us with some questions we have regarding a stay.
    Could you recommend a tour with the canoe about 10 days in total, where maybe 3-4 hiking days would be possible as well? So leaving the canoes at the shore and then trekking day trips.
    What would be the best time for such trip in next summer? As planning is very early, we could arrange times still quite flexible.
    What would be a convenient way to get to your place as we are arriving from Germany? Rail, airport, bus?
    Apart from tent and canoes, could you also provide equipment such as cooking, fishing stuff and sleeping bags?
    We both have outdoor experience, rowing and a bit canoeing and I do even know Lappland a bit from skiing holidays on the Finn side of Lappland. However, is there anything that could be dangerous we should also prepare for or is there any special skill required to do such a trip with the canoe?
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Konstantin Nümann

    1. admin
      Thursday October 25th, 2018 at 04:23 PM

      Hej Konstantin!
      Happy to hear you are interested in coming to Lapland for a canoe tour.
      Please send your request to our email instead:

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