Privacy policy

This privacy policy document is used for all bookings made to Lapland Canoe Central which is owned by Jokkmokkguiderna HB with the company number 969725 – 3871. Jokkmokkguiderna HB will hereafter be referred to as we. All tours, expeditions, tour packages, day activities, transfers and extensions will hereafter be referred to as tours or activities. All rental of equipment or outdoor support will be referred to as service.

Reservations & Bookings
To allow us to respond to your enquiry or reservation and to be able to prepare your activity or service chosen, we will ask you to provide us with some personal information. By providing this information, you give consent for us to use the information as set out below.

Contact details (name, email address, telephone) for the person submitting the enquiry so that we can send you a response.
The number of persons in your party including the ages of any children (to allow us to suggest suitable experiences).
Name, date of birth, gender and nationality for all participants. Age is required for example to be able to calculate correct pricing and also to be aware of any considerations regarding suitability for a particular activity. Gender and nationality may be required to correctly allocate resources such as shared accommodation or suitable group mix depending on the experience booked.
Emergency contact person while you are away (name, phone number, relationship to you) in case of severe illness or injury.
Details of any special dietary for all participants to enable appropriate meals.
Health conditions and medications to be aware of any important medical or non-medical conditions to enable any appropriate preparations/amendments for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Size information such as height/weight/shoe/clothes size so that appropriate equipment can be arranged where applicable.
Personal Data
We hold your personal data for in-house purposes only, with the exception of sharing relevant information with our guides and local providers of your experience. Personal data that we might share with guides and local providers are.

Name, phone number, address and email to the person making the reservation.
Name, phone number and relationship to your emergency contact person.
Name, date of birth, gender and nationality for all participants.
Special dietary requirements or health conditions for all participants.
Size information
Personal data
We record moments from our tours and services to use on our website and in social media. But also, to share by email with future guests, travel agents or at fares etc. Photos and videos can also be used for marketing our product through third party.
Photos and videos where you can be identified will only be used after getting a general permission from you. All photos and videos will be recorded with respect for your personal integrity regarding for example proper clothing.

You will receive our newsletter by email only if you have requested to be added to our newsletter list. You can unsubscribe at any time simply following the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter email. Once you subscribe, we will keep you on our email newsletter list until you request to unsubscribe.
We will not share your contact details with third parties for marketing purposes, etc.

How to correct or remove information
If you notice that any of your personal details are incorrect or if you wish us to remove any information, please contact us and we will amend your details in our records.

What payment information does Jokkmokkguiderna collect?
If you choose to make your payment via card using the online booking or get an email payment request link, your payment will be securely processed online via Stripe Merchant Services. Jokkmokkguiderna receives no information on your card details.
If you make your payment by bank transfer, Jokkmokkguiderna receives no details of your account. If we for any reason need to refund you, we may request your bank account details to enable us to precede with the money transfer. These details will be deleted directly after.

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If you have any questions. Contact us.