Kayaks in Lapland


Wilderness Systems Zephyr.

Lapland Canoe Central has now received a bunch of new plastic kayaks from Wilderness Systems. This time, the Wilderness Systems Zephyr 16.0 and Wilderness Systems Zephyr 15.5. After a few short test rides we like the kayak which have a skeg system. It feels stable but still quite easily driven. The hull made of unbreakable plastic makes it a very suitable touring kayak for the Lapland wilderness.

We have great lakes and lake systems here in Lapland, which are very suitable for kayaking. In principle, both the Stora Luleälv and Lilla Luleälv water system is fabulous waterways for longer expeditions.


Starting point at lake Karats.


In to the wild with kayaks and friends.


Wilderness Systems have good details on their kayaks.

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